We hit pretty well yesterday except for the guys from Houston. The blowout game really hurt us, but just on the Houston side as Wendell Carter Jr played very well. If you are new to the article I am going to give you a core of 5 players that will cost around a total of 30K. That will leave you with 20K left for the final three roster spots! At the end of the article, in the “Builds” section, I will give you three potential flex plays for whatever kind of contest you might be playing in! Hope this helps and you can get a nice payout!


Saben Lee ($3,200) – This is my steal of the day. Saben Lee is going to be a player that most DFS players are not going to feel comfortable throwing into their lineups tonight, but having a little bit of Lee could win you some big money tonight. Dennis Smith Jr was starting place for the injured Delon Wright, however, it was Lee who saw the bulk of the minutes in the second half on his way to a 30DKP performance. That is 10x value. I do not know what else you could be looking for. The starting lineup for the Pistons will be very telling in whether Lee will see in the increased minutes tonight, but Lee should be a lock for 5x value with Wright still injured. 


Kyrie Irving ($8,800) – It seems crazy to me that we are able to get Kyrie Irving for such a low price tag tonight. Kevin Durant is already going to be confirmed out of this game so there are going to be plenty of opportunities for Iriving to handle the ball tonight. The best part about Irving is that he gets the SG eligibility. As my man Sal Vetri always urges, it is important to have as many people who will be having the ball in their hands in your lineup as possible. Yes, Irving is going to be sharing the point guard duties with Harden tonight. However, there are going to be times that Irving is on the court without Harden. We are going to be counting on those time periods for strong production from Kyrie.


Joe Harris ($5,700) – As I said yesterday in my article, the SF position is my least favorite spot to try and find value. You are usually left with a bunch of guys that do not have the ball in their hands for most of the game. Joe Harris is no exception to that rule. We are never going to see Joe Harris dribble the ball up the court for the Nets tonight as we routinely see LeBron and KD do. However, Harris is going to see plenty of opportunities to put the ball in the basket tonight. Against the fast-paced Kings, this game is expected to be more of a shootout than a lot of the other grind-fests that we see in other games tonight. If Harris can get hot from 3-point land and couple that with a few rebounds as he will be playing the PF position. Then we can expect a good game from Harris.


Daniel Theis ($4,800) – I am not going to try and understand why Brad Stevens has decided that playing both Tristan Thompson and Daniel Theis in the starting lineup together is a good idea. That just does not seem to make much sense to me. However, I do not get paid millions of dollars to coach basketball or anything else for that matter. I will trust the numbers and trust that he is still getting a very strong amount of minutes. A bigger lineup may be needed tonight. The Celtics have KP and Kleber as the matchup tonight. That being said, look for big minutes for Theis.


Jarrett Allen ($7,500) – Now that Drummond is officially out of the lineup for the Cavs. I really like Allen’s potential as the starting center in Cleveland. He is a monster on the boards. Allen can also get you plenty of defensive stats to go alongside the high-volume scoring. Jarrett is a no-question play for me while he is still going to be under the $8,000 price tag. That is because he seems to be good for at least 40DKPs a night now that Drummond is no longer competing for the minutes at the starting center position for the Cavs. It will be interesting to see how the pieces that the Cavs get in return for Drummond will affect the value of Allen going forward. 


Cash: GPP: Luka Lineup:
Facundo CampazzoAnthony EdwardsLuka Doncic
Will BartonTerrence RossAl-Farouq Aminu
Nikola Vucevic Jerami GrantSerge Ibaka

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