I fear that a Covid pause for the NBA season is coming soon! With that potentially being the case we want to make every slate that we have available count! Let’s make tonight a good one! Make sure you check the injury news before each game starts tonight! If you are new to the article I am going to give you a core of 5 players that will cost around a total of 30K, which will leave you with 20K left for the final three roster spots! At the end of the article, in the “Builds” section, I will give you three potential flex plays for whatever kind of contest you might be playing in! Hope this helps and you can get a nice payout!

The Core:


Caris LeVert ($7,600) – Kyrie Irving continues to be out and LeVert continues to be chalk. LeVert is going to need a significant price jump if DK wants the majority of players to not have him in their lineups. He was not able to have the 50DKP outburst in his last game that we have come to expect from him, but he still did just fine enough to return his value. Look for LeVert to have a much better game against a Denver team that has been letting big games happen for the opposing point guards all year. 


Theo Maledon ($3,300) – I am feeling very risky today for some reason. Maledon and a couple other of my picks today are not going to be the conservative picks that I am used to doing in this article and hopefully it pays off! Maledon is giving you everything you want to see out of a player that is priced this low. He is getting volume in shots and he is playing around 20 minutes a game. The only issue is that he is not knocking those shots down. Fortunately, he has been able to find value in other places, but I am picking tonight, against the Spurs, to be the day that the dam breaks, and Maledon has his big night!


Isaac Okoro ($3,400) – Okoro has found himself in the Cavs starting lineup with the injury to Garland. This has allowed Okoro to be on the court for extended periods of time. Okoro was able to log 40 minutes in his last game out for the Cavs. Garland is questionable to return tonight, but reports are that he is not likely to play. If Garland continues to be out and Okoro finds his way into the starting lineup again, play the man who is going to see the court for at least 35 minutes tonight. 


Kelly Oubre Jr ($5,300) – Ok, so this is the other risky pick that I was talking about earlier. This pick can either be a death sentence or it can win me a lot of money and I am hoping for the latter to be true. We know how good of a player that Oubre Jr is. He was playing much better when he was in Phoenix and that player is eventually going to show up for the Warriors. He seems to be turning it around slightly with a 26DKP game last time out and I am hoping that is just the tip of the iceberg for Oubre. 


Joel Embiid ($9,700) – People must be saying, “Dude, you have really lost it. First Maledon, then Oubre, and now Embiid against the Heat who are very strong against the Center position.” Well, I would respond to those imaginary haters by saying that Adebayo is going to be out of this game and Embiid should be just fine against Kelly Olynyk or whoever else the Heat throw at Embiid. There are multiple 76ers who could be eligible to return for the 76ers. That is not a cause for concern because Embiid is a monster player no matter who is in or out for the 76ers. Look for Embiid to take advantage of the injuries on the other side of the ball and compete with Jokic who is $1,300 more expensive than him. 


Cash Lineup: GPP Lineup: Jokic Lineup:
SGADonovan MitchellLu Dort
Joe HarrisWill BartonDraymond Green
Dejounte MurrayCollin SextonNikola Jokic

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